Annie Lamoureux

Kundalini Meditation (10 week session)

Kundalini meditation uses various breathing exercises, chanting of mantras, repetitive movements in the spine and exercises allowing the circulation of energy throughout the body. This Kundalini meditation session will mainly focus on preparing the body for meditation and the chanting of mantras. It is an invitation to relax through the vibrations of mantras, a great way to end the day. To top off the course, in the last part, I offer a period of relaxation with the gong (musical instrument).
About Kundalini Wondering what kundalini yoga is? Kundalini means vital energy. Kundalini yoga is an ancient yogic practice from India that was exclusively offered to Sikh warrior men. Since the 1970s, thanks to Yogi Bhajan, this practice has become global, now available to everyone and has thousands of followers around the world. It is called the yoga of consciousness and appeals to the vital energy that is in each of us, the Kundalini. This energy is located at the base of the spine and when awakened, it flows through the chakras. When the kundalini circulates freely, the benefits are multiple. This allows a better overall vital energy, a calm, healthy and serene mind, a strengthening of the immune system, the ability to touch our joy of living and tobe optimistic, allows you to develop your intuition and so on. What differentiates it from all other yogic practices is mainly working on the spine, breaths, repetitions of movements and the chanting of mantras. It unites voice, body and mind. The intention of kundalini yoga is to find our essence and our own identity.
My journey in a few lines. Atypical background, traveler, self-employed, I have been a ritual practitioner, vocal accompanist and Kundalini yoga teacher since 2015. My spiritual journey and my teaching have evolved a lot over the years and my life experiences. When I discovered kundalini yoga, I immediately felt that this practice was for me. I recognized all the power and well-being brought by these exercises. At the time, I practiced hatha yoga and yin yoga, I gave up everything to focus on Kundalini. In my journey, it is the spiritual practice with which I have identified the most. The Kundalini allowed me to get in touch with my essence, my voice, my personal power and my vital energy. When I teach, my presence is gentle and kind and it is important to me that each of the participants respect their limits.
Sat Nam (my true identity )

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