Maud Japhet

Having a deep knowledge of the human body, I have long sought a type of Yoga that corresponds to my level of requirement.
During a 3-month trip to Bali, I discovered this approach that is deep, powerful and gentle. A yoga that brings within, to the encounter of our resources and limits, to respectfully learn to move them.
I have stayed in Bali many times since 2013, and have been enriched with 500 hours of Pranala Yoga training, in addition to specialized trainings (Yoga for elderly people, Pre and Postnatal, and Ayurveda). Now, I offer you these teachings, with all my professionalism as an experienced teacher, nurse and therapist.
Contact me to register!
Places are limited to 8 people to keep an intimate group and a tailor-made accompaniment.
I want to share with you this Yoga approach that is doing ”deep good” , because it has truly changed my life.
You have questions? You can reach me at 514 754 6283
Registration by email only:

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