Sonia Baillon

Slow Flow Yoga

This is a vinyasa (flowing with breath) style yoga class that combines a variety of sequences inspired from Ashtanga, Classical Hatha and Yin Yoga and includes postures ranging from beginner to advanced intermediate. The sequences are done more slowly giving students a better opportunity to notice alignment, sensation and breath. Accommodations and adaptations are made to suit the needs and level of each student in this well-rounded practice that incorporates poses to build flexibility, strength and balance, coupled with conscious breathwork and relaxation techniques. This is an intuitively guided class that evolves with students, adding variations and novelty to foundational sequences and deepens the more familiar aspects by encouraging greater interoception (the perception of sensations from inside your body). This yogic choreography where the breath holds the space to explore both challenge and rest, is great for building resilience

Sonia Baillon is a Classical Hatha Yoga Instructor certified by l’École Satyam de Hatha Yoga (500hrs). In October 2020, she studied with Susi Hately and completed her Intensive Therapeutic Yoga Program. Sonia also received training at l’Institut d’Étude des Sciences Védiques et Contemporaines to teach yoga for kids and yoga in schools and is a member of the International Yoga Federation (IYF) and Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 200). She has been teaching a variety of group yoga classes at local yoga centres, spas and schools since 2006 and now offers private classes and transformational coaching.Sonia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and has worked for many years in education for the Eastern Townships School Board, teaching a variety of subjects to students of all ages.
Building on her experience as a parent, teacher and yoga educator, Sonia recently offered a series of stress management and learning workshops in partnership with the Yamaska Literacy Council (YLC) and Townshippers’ Association. She is currently working with YLC programming and animating family literacy workshops that use breathing, moving and mindfulness to improve learning outcomes.
In addition, Sonia is a reflexologist, certified by the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) and has completed the second level USUI training in Reiki, given by the NHC Institute. She has also studied the foundations of Brain Gym, by Dr. Paul E. Dennison, which she integrates into her classes. Currently, Sonia is continuing her studies in the field of therapeutic yoga, fascia in yoga and movement and yoga and neuroscience; in particular, the effects of
yoga and mindfulness on the nervous system, neuroplasticity, self-regulation, resilience and learning.

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