Stanley Norris

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Stanley’s class begins with a brief guided meditation and yogic breathing exercises in order to put the experiences of the day behind and come fully into the present moment. The program consists of postures that prepare us for some standing postures. This is followed by gentle restorative postures and finally with a period of deep relaxation. It is a well-balanced and safe practice that aligns the mind, body and heart. It is both accessible to everyone and yet physically engaging. The result is that one feels both invigorated and very relaxed by the experience.

Maximum of 8 people (to respect social distancing norms). Please reserve your place by texting Stanley at 514-9145455 or emailing at

Reservations will be confirmed up to 20 minutes before class, otherwise, you will be accepted without reservation if there is still room.

Please bring your yoga mat, blanket and cushion (or block). We ask you to wear your mask upon arrival. You can take it off once on your yoga mat.

About Stanley Norris
Before making health and wellness his priority, Stanley worked for 20 years in project management, advertising, sales and marketing. Insomniac, suffering from chronic fatigue, and a shoulder injury, he turned to yoga in 2002 in search of a better quality of life. The discovery was significant and went far beyond his expectations.

For Stanley, yoga practice is a great moment to practice the great life lessons of stress management, gratitude and mindfulness. He is passionate about teaching yoga and offering personalized coaching for crisis, stress and anxiety management, for personal growth, to help face a challenge and/or to help you rise to your next level of potential.

Visit the Stanley website for more perspective.

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